Welcome to the RiverLife Chapel Website!

We are glad you found us. Thank you for visiting our site and taking an interest in our church. Above all else, we want you to know that, although we may not have met, we love and value you. We truly mean that because you are of immeasurable worth to God and, therefore, deeply loved by us. We warmly welcome you as you get to know our church family, for that is what we are, a part of the family of God.

We are real people in daily need of God’s mercy, love and grace, and we live to extend those blessings to others. Often in life we can feel restless, alone and wondering about God’s love toward us. At RiverLife Chapel, we know that peace is found by truly knowing Jesus Christ as a living Person and by growing in an intimate relationship with Him. We also know that Jesus has not left us alone. He knows this world is broken by sin, and He has formed His own family, the church, to be a safe refuge and place of healing for the brokenhearted who turn to Him. Together we are being healed, we are recovering. We are growing in our knowledge of God’s love, seeking to answer many of the questions common to us all, and aiming to become more like Jesus every day.

Whether you already have a relationship with the Lord, or are seeking to better understand the claims of Jesus Christ, we welcome you to journey with us. For you are deeply loved by God and truly cherished by us. Welcome to RiverLife, welcome to new Life and welcome to Christ’s peace, hope and love!

Pastor Kevin Cole

and the RiverLife Chapel Family